Terms of Use


By gaining access to the services offered by Hat VPN Pro, the user entirely agrees with our terms of use. If you disagree with one of the parts of our terms of use, then you may not use our software.

This agreement lasts until the user decides to stop using our VPN. You are also responsible for having a stable internet connection, otherwise we won’t hold any responsibility if our services work slowly on your computer.

In order to use Hat VPN Pro services you have to be at least 18 years old and you have to agree to our privacy policy (you agree to it automatically if you agree with our terms of use).


A lot of people use Wi-Fi hotspots without turning on a VPN, but most of the have no idea how dangerous it is. For instance, if you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot when sitting in a cafe, airport, or any other place, then your information may be stolen by online hackers. However, you can prevent that if you turn on our VPN. We also let you surf the internet anonymously without providing any information to your internet provider. By using our software, you confirm that you are responsible for any activities that have to do with your account.

License to Use

License that is provided to you by Hat VPN Pro is limited a personal, non-exclusive license, which means that you don’t become the owner of our software in any way possible. The user agrees that all of the services provided are non-transferable and in case you share this information with someone else your subscription may be canceled.

Hat VPN Pro uses cryptographic algorithms which may be considered illegal in some of the countries. If you are going to download and use our VPN, then you must verify if such algorithms are legalised in your country. According to the terms of use, the user may not blame Hat VPN Pro in case there is any loss of information or any other unforeseen circumstances.

The user agrees that all of the activities that are being done using Hat VPN Pro are legal and do not serve any bad purpose. If the user notices some sort of activity that doesn’t comply with our terms of service, then he should notify an attorney.

If the customer doesn’t follow our terms of use while using Hat VPN Pro, then we have the right to revoke your license and suspend your account. This happens if the user does any illegal or fraudulent activities that might lead to hurting our services and our customer.

The user agrees that the owners of Hat VPN Pro don’t hold any responsibility if the user doesn’t use the software correctly. The user also consents not to hold the owner liable if there is any information loss due to misuse of our VPN.


We offer an unlimited package to our users upon subscription. You can try out our 3-day free trial if you want to get acquainted with our subscription and see how it works for yourself. If you decide to buy a subscription before your free trial comes to an end, then the remaining days of your trial will be forfeited. Your subscription renews automatically every week. If you want to turn it off, you have to do it at least 24 hours before the end transcription. We charge money from your iTunes account. If you want to manage your subscription, then you can do so by going to the account settings right after you purchase one.


Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in your browser. Hat VPN Pro uses cookies to track activities of our customer. If you agree to our terms of use, then you also automatically allow the usage of cookies.

Acceptable Use

By using Hat VPN Pro, you agree to not do the following:

  • Distribute virus programs, spyware, trojan, and any other suspicious software by using our app;
  • Share copyright files;
  • Do any fraudulent activities;
  • Do any unlawful fishing activities;
  • Pay for our services using someone’s card;
  • Hack our website or any of the people;
  • Send DDoS attacks;
  • Blackmail or threaten others;
  • Send any unsolicited data;
  • Download and distribute child pornography;
  • Hack and run scanners on people’s computers.

Cancellation or Termination of the Service

If you violate our terms of use, do not follow the law, or use our app in such a way that harms our services, then your account may be suspended or permanently banned. If so, then you will not get any refund and will stand trial.

Disclaimer and Warranties

Hat VPN Pro does not guarantee that services won’t be interrupted, do not contain any errors or viruses. Therefore, you agree to use our services at your own risk.

Our service coverage, speed, server locations, as well as the overall quality can vary depending on your location and your internet speed. Our services may be unavailable at times due to maintenance. There are also cases when our VPN may be unavailable because of some factor that doesn’t depend from us, such as: transmission failure, network problems, third-party-service failures, signal strength. In such cases we cannot guarantee you the fast speed of our website and that all of your messages will be delivered. We reserve the right to block some of the services if we find them to be unsafe for our customers.

Limitations of Liability

If there is any damage taken to user’s data during the use of our services(direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, and others) we will not be responsible for it, even if you have warned us about such possibilities in the near past.

Force Majeure

If there are any force majeure situations, including war, disasters, epidemics, explosions, or any other emergencies, then we might not be able to provide you with our services stated in our terms of use and will not hold any responsibility.


If you have any disputes with us about these terms of use, then they will be settled in accordance with Seychelles laws.

Contacting Hat VPN Pro

Our customer support is always ready to answer all of your questions, as well as take note of your recommendations.