Data Policy


Hat VPN Pro understands that users might have a lot of privacy concerns and questions about the VPN. That’s why we decided to come up with a privacy policy, so our users wouldn’t have to worry what happens when they download our software.

This privacy policy tells the user about all of the areas where the user privacy might be a concern while using the services provided by Hat VPN Pro.

Before downloading and using our services, you have to make sure that you have read our privacy policy first and that you agree with everything said in this overview, as well as agree to any possible changes to this document in the future.


When you launch Hat VPN Pro, it encrypts all of the traffic between your device and our servers. Hat VPN Pro provides you with a Transport Layer Security, 128-bit/256-bit AES data encryption, plus HMAC message authentication. We make sure that all of your web traffic will be securely encrypted when you use insecure networks, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information and possible online hackers. Another benefit is that your internet provider will be unable to track down the websites you visit, so you can feel yourself absolutely freely.

Hat VPN Pro also maintains all 3 safeguards: physical, technical and administrative. This is being done to protect you from accidental loss, accidental destruction, illegal change of your information, misuse, as well as anything else that may lead to the loss of your information.

Personal Information

What kind of personal information do we collect?

We obtain information about our customers from multiple sources that are described below in details.

Hat VPN Pro always lets you know where you need to provide your personal information. We also state all of the consequences of not doing so. If you disagree to give out your personal information, then you might be unable to use some of our features.

There are two categories of personal information that we gather:

  • Personal information that you agree to give us;
  • Personal information that is automatically gathered when you use our software.

We do collect a lot of personal information about you, including: IP address, email of our customers, their username, unique mobile ID, as well as some other stuff. However, this information is never associated with any of your online activities during your use of our app.

Besides, when you are connected to Hat VPN Pro, your IP address is stored in a safe place during your session, and deleted right after your session ends.

Personal information you choose to give us

Hat VPN Pro collects all of the information that you agree to give us, including the information that you enter when creating a new account, or purchasing a subscription. If you register, then we will be able to see your email, and if you purchase a subscription, then we will be provided with your payment information. However, none of this is a must. We do not force anyone to create an account or buy a subscription, because you can use our services without registering and paying.

However, you should know that if you make a payment using any banking method, including: credit or debit card, PayPal, App Store, Google Play Store, then your information will be collected directly by a third-party payment provider. So if anything, you also have to agree to their privacy policy.

If you have any questions and you decide to contact our customer support, then we will also receive some personal information about you, depending on what you decide to provide.

Personal Information we collect automatically when you use the services

When you use our software, we collect information about you and your device automatically. Here is a more detailed explanation about the types of personal information that we collect when you use our app:

When you download our software and launch the app, we and our service providers gather device-specific information, including your unique mobile ID, language, hardware model, network information, and operating system. Your IP address can also be used in case we want to determine your approximate city location. However, we don’t log any information about you. The only reason we collect your information is to troubleshoot problems, perform analytics and improve the work of our website. Your IP address may also be collected for marketing attribution purposes.

Here is what happens the second you connect to the Hat VPN Pro: your IP address is collected, safely encrypted, and then stored till the end of your session. We delete your IP address when you disconnect from our app, because we provide 100% confidentiality to our users.

None of your online activities are stored on our website. All applications that you use are never ever associated with you, the email you have provided, or the device that you use. On the other hand, we store the websites that you visit in order to: 1) Perform analytics on our services. To see how many users visit each page of our website, as well as see if they experience any problems while trying to connect to the web page; 2) Troubleshoot problems and work on new features for our website.

When you visit our websites:

Your personal information is automatically collected from your device by us and our partners: Google Analytics and MaxMind. You also have to be aware that we place cookies, beacons, as well as other technologies in both your browser and the emails that we send. You might be wondering and asking: “why do they need this information?”. The answer is simple. We need it to make sure there are no errors on our website, also to see the amount of users that visit certain pages. We also care about the privacy of our users and want to prevent fraud. That is one of the main reasons. It’s your business whether to agree to use cookies. You can always turn them off in case you are unhappy with something. However, you have to be aware that in case you disagree to use cookies, then you will be limited to some of the features of our website. You can always read more about the use of cookies and figure out if you need them for yourself on this website: It’s a Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. And if you are interested in Network Advertising Initiative, then find out more here:

Even though your IP address is collected during the use of our services, you shouldn’t worry, because we never store it in our base and we get rid of it at the end of your session. The main reason why we collect your IP address is to determine where you live. In case you still have some questions about the usage of your IP address, please visit our “When you use Hat VPN Pro” section to find our more information.

We collect the majority of information about your device when you visit our websites, including the following: mobile ID, operating system version, hardware model, language, browser, network information, internet service providers. The main reason why we gather all this information is to prevent possible problems the users may have while surfing through the internet and also to improve the work of our website.

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are also two important services that we use to collect your personal information. If you want to learn more about Google’s practices, then be sure to visit this website: If you want to opt out of them, then simply download Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on, that is available right here:

How do we use your Personal Information?

Your personal information helps us in creating an ideal VPN. With the help of your personal information we can do everything to make our users feel happy and add new features. Here is how it’s getting done:

  • To perform, complement, and grant you new features of our software, increase the number of our servers, as well as to respond to all of your questions and observations;
  • Develop new products and conduct business analytics;
  • To be able to contact you if you have any questions to our customer support or if we want to provide you with the new terms of use;
  • When we want to send you marketing messages to attract new users;
  • Fraud monitoring, audits, security;
  • To be able to implement our Terms of Service.

If you live European Economic Area, then your personal information will be processed based on the legal basis. Here it is:

  • We have the rights to use your personal information to enforce our terms and conditions;
  • Your information is needed to provide our services. For both accounts registration and customer support;
  • When we need your personal information to improve the work of our website. Your personal information helps us a lot to see if you are able to access all of the sites with VPN, it also helps us to conduct business analytics, and to improve all of our features, guaranteeing you 100% safety;
  • If you decide to share any sorts of personal information with us.

How do we share your Personal Information?

We have repeatedly mentioned that your personal information is only used to improve the features of our website and nothing more than that. We store your IP address till the remainder of the session, but delete it right after you disconnect from our software.

We share your personal information with our third party service providers. They do a lot of useful things for our website, including: payment processing, information technology, data analysis, email delivery, customer service, online advertising, fraud prevention, auditing, and more.

If you are using our software, your IP address may be used to figure out your approximate location. This information will be deleted once you disconnect from the VPN. You should also know that when you are connected to our VPN, we don’t let advertisers see your IP address, however, if you are using the free version of Hat VPN Pro, then we might share your city location with the advertisers. There is none of that with the premium version though, even your approximate location will not be shared if you have bought our subscription.

It has been mentioned numerous times already, but we want to make sure that you have memorized this information: you do not need to provide any personal data in order to use our VPN, we never keep your logs, and we don’t keep your IP address after your disconnect from our servers. So, basically, we have no personal information to share with law enforcement.

However, there are a few exceptions. One of such exceptions is when the law requires us to share your personal information. This can happen in the following cases:

  • Under applicable law, even if the law functions outside of your country;
  • To comply with legal process;
  • If we have any requests from public and government authorities;
  • To be sure that you follow our terms and conditions;
  • To protect our operations and operations of our partners;
  • To defend our right, safety, and privacy, and same goes for our customers;
  • To limit any losses that we can possibly get.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Hat VPN Pro can always rethink its privacy policy. If we do change anything in our privacy policy, we will inform you by email. After that you have to be sure to check it and make sure that you agree with everything stated in this document.

Contact Information

If you have read this privacy policy and you still have any questions left, then contact us by the following email: